EYE CARE - 3 Items

  • S$ 93.80

    Highly concentrated, this Oligopeptide-rich serum targets concerns typically associated with chronological aging around the eye area.  

    S$ 93.80


  • S$ 79.40

    Harness the power of revitalizing botanical Mushroom BioComplex, Organic Seaweed and Eyebright Extract and boosting skin’s natural potential for resilience with this ultra-lightweight, greaseless eye gel that fortifies skin structure while renewal and protecting a youthful appearance.

    S$ 79.40


  • S$ 59.60

    This pure pH balanced elixir is infused with calming botanical extracts of Organic Cucumber, Eyebright, Comfrey and Chamomile which delicately soothe while removing makeup and surface debris.

    S$ 59.60