Why Organic ?

We offer top grade organic cult brand products and treatments by Black Chicken Remedies and Yum Gourmet Skincare.

Black Chicken Remedies takes pride in maintaining high product quality. This stems from the base ingredients of various pure essential oils used in every Black Chicken Remedies product, creating skincare products of prime calibre.

Yum Gourmet Skincare desires to exceed expectations with exquisite products that are so fresh you won't believe it is natural.  Its fresh, organic and natural ingredients such as juices, oils, herbs and pulps are meticulously harvested and processed to draw the most significant skin health benefits.  Each handcrafted batch is carefully prepared to preserve its unique, beneficial ingredients.  

Kew Organics strives to be abreast of the latest beauty trends and developments.  This ensures that our boutique beauty salon is constantly developing to bring the latest, modern technology to be used in all our services.  While assured of quality treatments, the retro and classy concept situated at the Everton hipster enclave evokes a sense of nostalgia in customers that brings about comfort, tranquility and luxury.

A soothing and relaxing beauty hotspot, indulge in our professional beauty services while enjoying the good old classy times. Our chic boutique concept offers a cosy and personalized experience that everyone deserves to have!

It is our brand philosophy to provide professional essential beauty treatments to our customers with utmost care, quality and passion as we only administer premium treatments and products.