The services provided by Lily and May are excellent. They will dispense suggestions that will address to your personal needs with warm sincerity. They treat you more like friends than customers as they position themselves to taking care of your needs and well-being as a priority. It's such warmth and sincerity that draw my hubby and me to Kew Organics.

- Serena Tay Hwee Kim

The therapist did half of my face first and I can see that there is a lifting effect at the cheek and jaw area. Lines around my mouth and forehead looks lighter and smoother. The whole treatment was warm and relaxing, no pain at all, almost like a warm massage on the face and i almost doze off. When the treatment ended, I could see that my face was brighter and lines were lesser. Skin felt baby soft yet there's a firmed sensation too! Highly recommended! Great ambience too.

- Agnes Tay

The technology was really good! Before the treatment my left cheek were higher then the right, after treatment both became symmetrical. Ambience was cozy and compact, doesn't have the commercialized environment! I can't believe I was there for close to three hours, very much felt at home. Service was prompt and no waste of time; staffs was friendly, attentive and accommodative. Thumbs up!

- Amy Rani Jagathambal, Medical Professional

Visited Kew Organics for my facial treatments twice and have seen great improvements on my skin ever since the first treatment! Therapist really provides great service and advices me on how to take care of my skin . I've also purchased the DPL Laser Armpit Hair Removal Treatment + Whitening Unlimited Lifetime Package @ $98 net only! I'll definitely come back and will continue to support you.

- Lindy Lai, IT & Web Designer